Words 365/44


So, It Is True My Friend

So, it is true my friend

They found your guilt

Hidden for all these years

Are you relieved now?


How So?

You know what you did was wrong

Did you not care?

It was selfish

But now you will have to face the angry

The hurt

The wanting revenge

The wanting a victim


The victim now

It is your doing my friend

Your guilt

Your theft

Your life

And now your demise.

How long until you can bear it no more?

A week, a month?

Or will it be tonight that you hang?

Whatever, it matters not.

So, it is true my friend.

You are no more.


Friday 13th February 2015

Words 365 is a personal project to produce new one piece of writing every day for a whole year, 2015, the full project can be found HERE and whilst I hope to upload each piece on the day it is written, please forgive me if a post is delayed in being uploaded every once in a while.