Words 365/29


Questions Questions Questions

Questions, questions, questions

Are all you seem to have

As if you expect me to know

The answers you desire

But what if I know nothing

Of what you want to learn

Will you think of me kindly

Or will you hate me

Believing that I have lied

When really I know nothing

And questions will forever remain

And words are just words

Sounds made to sooth and sounds made to hurt

And most of all, sounds made to take away

Your pain

But I am silent

I have no words and I have no sounds

And so your questions shall forever remain



Thursday 29th January 2015

Words 365 is a personal project to produce new one piece of writing every day for a whole year, 2015, the full project can be found HERE and whilst I hope to upload each piece on the day it is written, please forgive me if a post is delayed in being uploaded every once in a while.