So, after attempting to do a wordy 365 at some point in the past I have decided to collate my poems in one place. This is that place. Clickety Click Click

The trouble is, many of these groupings of words do not deserve the highbrow classification that be poem, they are more like a dribble of words from the splashing of ink from my favourite fountain pen. As such, I have decided to term them something other than poem. I have decided to term them splots which I hope suits them a little better. Anyway, here they are whether you view them as poems or splots it neither matters but please do view them. Click the title below or scroll further down to browse the entries.


the actors seemed like gods
so, it is true my friend
and so it is
pottering and snoozing
it is easy
a beautiful smile
it was you who left not me
my work will kill me
a bed this sanctuary
this perfect world
follow the circus crowd
there is just me
the map
all places are death
mister whisper
are you alone my friend?
questions questions questions
is it you
these secrets that we carry
a window
to escape
silence me
talking to stupid
dancing in secret
save me
no time to live
how brave we are
mirror mirror
once the voices have left
jumping and jumping
just a little luck
i have a magic seed
burnout or boreout
40 winks
coughing and spluttering
too tired
dance. dance she said
hello stranger
one thousand secrets
caveman thinking
one dream one nightmare
a head hurts
mr average
forever never