Words 365/13

Just A Little Luck


Just a little luck

Yes, that’s what’s needed here

It’s all been rather full

Of bad news this last year

A little ray of sunshine

In a sky packed full of grey

Or a gust or two of wind

To blow the clouds away

A grasp at a lifeline

An extra hairs breadth

would make all the difference

To life before death

A piece of good news

A break or a chance

Or a bloody good bonus

To my personal finance

Just a little luck

Please send it this way

I promise I will take care of it

Before sending it on its way.


Tuesday 13th January 2015

Words 365 is a personal project to produce new one piece of writing every day for a whole year, 2015, the full project can be found HERE and whilst I hope to upload each piece on the day it is written, please forgive me if a post is delayed in being uploaded every once in a while.