Words 365/39

man behind hands

It Was You Who Left Not Me

It Was You Who Left Not Me

You made your choice

You packed and went

And left me here alone.

I saw you what, three or four times?

Even then I could tell

You wanted to leave

Once more.

Nothing I could say would have made you stay

You were running, running away

Have you gone far enough now?

You know, I’ve changed.

I’m not the boy with the happy eyes

That you once knew.

Would you recognise me?

It’s been so long

You must be old now

And I am wiser

Still filled with the horror of being left



Does my life matter not to you

Or are you ashamed of me, or yourself

And what you did

So many years ago.

It was you who left, not me.

It was your choice, not mine.

This pain and guilt that I still feel

Should really be yours.


Sunday 8th February 2015

Words 365 is a personal project to produce new one piece of writing every day for a whole year, 2015, the full project can be found HERE and whilst I hope to upload each piece on the day it is written, please forgive me if a post is delayed in being uploaded every once in a while.