Red Onions


Whilst I could be writing tonight’s Friday Night Rant about further issues to do with my illness and the way my employer is making me feel persecuted and guilty for something which I have no control over, and also is more than likely caused by situations I was placed in at work… I won’t. (there will be many posts regarding this subject in the future, so fear not :-))

Tonight’s rant is yet another food orientated one!


What on earth is there to rant about in regards red onions I hear you ask. Well, it is not the onions themselves I have an issue with, rather, it is the muppet who decided that red onions have a ‘milder’ flavour than white onions. Whoever made this statement is a massive fool, and they must have no taste buds of any worth, as I am sure you will agree, Red Onions have a much stronger taste and flavour than white onions.

Don’t believe me? Well, I suggest you get yourself a standard red onion and a standard white onion and cut a slice from each, now eat the slices.

You see.

I am right.

The trouble is, EVERYBODY now believes Red Onions are milder than White Onions, and I find that extremely annoying.

So, spread the word… White Onions are milder than Red Onions… from now on anyway!

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