So, it is friday night once again. I am not having the best of weeks, have to admit it, but that is just the way things go in Mojanoland. Anyway, onto this evening’s rant… The Friday Night Rant (FNR) is not a long one this evening, but will hopefully be just the right length, as most things when written, and written well, are always, just so.

I live in England, and England forms part of the land mass which is called Great Britain, which simply refers to the three areas which make up this landmass,  the two kingdoms of England and Scotland, and the principality of Wales. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland includes Northern Ireland, and Northern Ireland is connected to the Republic of Ireland and separated by a little sea called the Irish sea.

Now, granted, Great Britain forms part of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but I don’t live in Northern Ireland, I live in England, so, I would prefer to be know as living in Great Britain, you know, the specific. I could go even further, and say I should be referred to as being British, living in Britain (that is the part of Great Britain, but without the Scottish top not!) But the thing is, I like Scotland being part of my country (Great Britain).

Great Britain is synonymous with many ‘Great’ achievements, but in order to achieve, we have also done an awful lot of wrong in and to the world. I can’t say that I am proud to be british, as how can you be proud of a block the block of land where you were born, it does however, provide me with an identity. When you rob a people of its identity, you take away its passion and its soul, and by constantly referring to Great Britain as The UK or the United Kingdom the passion of the people of England, Scotland and Wales is somehow watered down.

It is one of the reasons why there is a big devolution revolt occurring here in Great Britain, people don’t feel any pride in the UK, but in GB they might, so instead they refer back to the place where they do feel some kind of pride, some passion, England, Scotland or Wales.

I wish, on the global stage, this land mass on which I live was referred to once again as Great Britain or GB for short, and only UK or ‘the United Kingdom’ only used when it refers to matters concerning ALL of the countries, islands and areas that the UK refers to. Also, there have been other ‘United Kingdoms’ over the years, The United Kingdom of the Netherlands & The United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves are just two examples, so The united Kingdom as an identity isn’t really an identity at all, If someone says ‘the UK’ should we not ask, which one, or which century in order to understand that they are referring to Great Britain? And if we are referring to countries in this way, then shouldn’t every country in the Commonwealth lose their country name and simply be referred to as ‘The Commonwealth? Would that just be shortened to ‘Common’?

I would particularly like the return of GB in the online world, that way I wouldn’t have to constantly scroll to the bottom of the page when selecting ‘where I live’  when filling in online forms, and also I would love to be able to have the domain ending .GB rather than the subordinate


So, that is it, Rant over. No real argument as such, but something that gets on my nerves for no real reason!

What do you think?