Thye Best a Man Can Get


Friday Night Rant: Is It Really The Best A Man Can Get?

I mean, is there a need? Methinks somehow not. I am constantly extremely angry, more often than not due to people, no particular reason, just people… in general… I don’t mind the singular, but  a group any larger than 2 just annoys me. However, at least once a month I am extremely angry about something else which has decided to continually multiply, that being, the humble… sorry, once humble, razor.

I like to be clean-shaven (when I have decided not to have facial hair that is!) and because of this I much prefer using soap and water and a manual safety razor. I have tried them all (I really have) and I soon found that the only razor that seemed to do exactly what it should was the two-bladed Gillette Sensor Razor. I loved this razor, Loved the way it left my skin as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Unfortunately, in their competition with Wilkinson Sword, Gillette have constantly added blades to their blade heads, making the heads wider and wider and wider, and in my experience and opinion, less productive. There just isn’t a need for any more than two blades on a razor. Even the hairiest bloke with a chin like sandpaper, doesn’t require more than two blades, they may need to buy blades more often than me with my less than convincing five o’clock shadow, but two blades will suffice. (one of the reason’s why I despise the Wilkinson Sword range is that some muppet decided to add little cross wires all along the blade head which traps hairs and leaves either big long missed lines of stubble or cuts a-plenty, or both)

So, why this rant? Well, you try finding a Gillette Sensor with two blades in your local shop, they seem to have disappeared, I now have to use the two-blade sensor excel, which even though supposed to be more advanced, doesn’t quite leave me as clean-shaven as the original. On my last trip to the supermarket, I was unable to find any two-bladed heads and had to opt for a three-bladed version… I was not a happy monkey, as might you imagine!

So, Gillette, This man believes that the best he can get, he just can’t get any more… and it makes him Mad.

Please, if you know anyone who works for Gillette, ask them to re-invent the disposable razor one more time and maybe produce a ‘classic’ range for the likes of me, a man who likes quality which actually does what it is supposed to!