Friday Night Rant Charity Calls

Friday Night Rant: Charity Calls


So, it is the time of year when one thinks of all that one has and what all the rest don’t. A time to give and to share, and so, as last year, my phone has been constantly ringing from charity calls.

I like giving to charity, I select my charities carefully based on factors in my life and factors around the world. I have a limited income, so what I choose to give, is what I am able to give. I wish I could give more.

What I hate though, are charities who I support (or who I now no longer support due to this) who continually phone me asking if I can raise my contribution. The money they spend in making the call to me has probably used up half my donation as it is. I give what I can give, no more and if you do choose to ask me for more, I will no longer be supporting your charity. Simple.

If that sounds a bit grumpy, so be it. I really don’t give a toss. There are thousands of other needy charities who will be more than happy to receive what little I can give.