cereal toys


A few years ago breakfast was fun, you were never quite sure if it would be just a normal day of rice crispies and milk, or whether the day would become one thousand times better by the sudden splash of a little cellophane packet containing a bright, colourful play thing.

The same was true with Tea, Biscuits and any other number of food stuffs which came with a toy or collectible in the packet. Sometimes these toys and collectables came emblazoned with the products logo making them even more special.

Where are they now? You very rarely see these promotions, one of the reasons being our over protective government. When we used to go shopping as a family, I would point to the cereals and ask if we could have them , yes, it was often to do with the free toy or collectible, but rather than becoming a giant flabbygut my mother did the motherly thing and said NO. Only when we really needed cereal was it purchased, and the sugar-coated variety was a rare treat, for which I was grateful.

It is a shame that in today’s society, we can not be trusted to make these simple decisions. Are we really incapable, so much so that the inclusion of a little plastic toy in a box of cereal means we are unable to control ourselves and have to eat them by the supermarket trolley load? Is it really the cereal that is making our children fat? Surely it is more likely to be the processed animal or smiley face shaped frozen staples that I see filling most people’s overflowing trolleys.

So, the cereal toys are no more and the children are getting fatter…. hmmmmnnnn.