It is difficult, Sometimes, This art thing. I mean, what is it this art, or more importantly, my art? My art is my words, my lyrics, my poetry. Not to mention my song, which is everything that I write. That is my art, that is the art that is important. It isn’t taught, it is learnt, but it is felt more than anything. It is nothing to get snobby about, I know, I rock, I kick your art in the face and then shit like a mother fucker down your neck (obviously having already removed your head.)

Should art be taught? I mean, we get so restricted by learning what is RIGHT, what is ART, and yes, sometimes this art really does hit us where it hurts, in the emotions, but really, do I need to learn this? do WE need to learn this? surely we are bright enough to see that our art, or at least our appreciation of art is linked directly to the emotions we feel when experiencing art.

Art is like seeing a new-born baby, of one’s loins, you can’t help but love, fall in love, with this new being, but our art should be the same, I love art, I love it in all its guises, from opera, to expressionists, from 1980’s stadium rock (why else would the guys have such big hair, if not to fill, if not impress a stadium?) to the carpenters… it is all art, it all has meaning, everything pre 1999 was genuine, it was about the art, not only about the money.

unfortunately, money became the new art, yes, money was always a big part of what art was, but now, it is no longer the passion that is expressed, instead it is the expression of the money. Art is worth something, art, and the poor people’s art is now worth far more than the elitist art. Art now, true art, is perhaps worth the value of a fart.