Words 365/10


40 Winks

It’s wet and rainy

And it feels rather cold

I don’t want to go out

but I must be bold

The dog needs walking

She’s wanting to see

If her friends in the dog-world

Have visited her tree

She snuffles and sniffs

And flicks her tongue

Getting all the fine detail

Of who’s been along

She squats and pees

She scrapes her feet,

It’s her usual routine

And now it’s complete

We can finally go

Back to the warmth of a fire

It’s good to be home

And it’s certainly much drier

I’ll sit in my comfy chair

With a nice cup of tea

And then have 40 winks

So will she, on my knee.


Saturday 10th January 2015

Words 365 is a personal project to produce new one piece of writing every day for a whole year, 2015, the full project can be found HERE and whilst I hope to upload each piece on the day it is written, please forgive me if a post is delayed in being uploaded every once in a while.