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Here are my currently available plays, screenplays and shows. If you would like to produce or stage one of them then please visit my Performance Rights Page HERE.

What is Mojano


 What is mojano I hear you ask? Well, mojano (not to be confused with Majano – an anemone which kills and eats all other anemones) is the online home of my Poems, Plays and Web Series. It really is that simple. Who am I? I now hear you cry. I am Si Garlick, a no-one in particular person of the peoples of planet earth.




So, after attempting to do a wordy 365 at some point in the past I have decided to collate my poems in one place. This is that place. Clickety Click Click

  • Brian vs


Coming Soon!


Brian. Brian. Brian. Or, maybe, Frank. Nope, Brian it is. This page was originally entitled Brian’s Life, but there has already been a hugely awesome Life of Brian so not to confuse people, Brian became frank and Frank was an idea, the trouble is the idea involved pictures, drawings and sketches. There is the first problem, I can’t draw. Then another problem occurred, in my head, for some reason, Frank became Brian again and so the stories had to become Brian Vs.

So, what is Brian Vs.? Well hopefully it will be a web series following this chap called Brian, his world and his adversaries – hence the vs. It might get no further than this introduction. It might end up very messy, who knows and yes, who cares. It won’t include any of my drawings though. Just words.