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The Friday Night Rant

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The Friday Night Rant (a.k.a. #FNR!) is a weekly Rant about what has happened in my life, or the world and my thoughts on that subject. Inside you will find Rant’s about Peanut Butter, Socialism and The Press and many more unrelated subjects. here is where you will discover how I think and what makes me tick… with anger! Caution, for ADULTS ONLY! CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

Words 365 2015


So, I have been wanting to do a 365 project for a number of years, but somehow never quite managed it. I was going to try a photograph 365 project, but photography isn’t my thing, words are. So guess what, I have decided to do a ‘Words’ 365. CLICK HERE or scroll down the page.

  • Tombs! The Naughty Elephant Squirts Water
  • The Man Who Saw The Sun
  • Why Is My Back Behind?

Tombs Book 7 Milo James

Tombs! The Naughty Elephant Squirts Water. Book Seven in the Tombs! adventures. Tombs and his new found friend Cleo the Cat hear a strange noise which see’s them adventure to the Prehistoric Hall where they find out what is making the noise! No elephants were harmed in the writing or reading of this new Tombs! Book.


Available to download now from Amazon HERE

the man who saw the sun cover

Finally available to download on Kindle, The Play, The Man Who Saw The Sun is set in a steampunk-esque subterranean world of oppression and government control. One man’s adventure down a dark passage leads him to meet a host of strange and colourful characters such as A Beautiful Witch, A Man With A Pipe and A Tree Man. Charged with trying to cause a riot by claiming to have seen the fictional Sun, his journey is recounted in a court room where the people he met on his travels make special guest appearances.

First written in 1996 and hidden away for over 15 years, the time is now right to publish this tale of insanity overcoming oppression.

Check out the FREE sample and download now from AMAZON


Why is my back behind book cover large


Fire your child’s imagination with this wonderful funny and silly selection of poems and rhymes from the author of the Tombs! Series of children’s Stories.

These fantastic poems offer a read aloud experience that is sure to bring a giggling response from both children and parents alike.

By the way…. no grandmas were hurt in the writing or reading of this fabulous book!

“Once again Simon Garlick allows us entry into the wonderful world of fantastical imagination with style, pizzazz and a wee bit of craziness…. a must read!”

Why is My Back Behind? And other tempting poems for cheeky monkeys.

It is a great read and will make you laugh out loud! That is not guaranteed, although it does guarantee to send one unfortunate old lady up into space…. is my granny an alien? who knows!

Anyway, Why is My Back Behind is now available to download  from Amazon:


The Man Who Saw The Sun The Man Who Saw The Sun

A Play About Oppression